The question “which is the best panic button?” plagues a lot of people.

Similar debates regularly reach boiling point on forums dedicated to firearms, knives, first-aid and so on.

You will find folks vehemently contesting why this firearm or that knife is better than that one for self defense.

In the medical forums they will debate – just as hotly and expressing very strong views – on which is “the best tourniquet” for this application or that.

No surprise then that people spend an inordinate amount of time agonizing over which is “the best panic button” to have.

The truth can be distilled into a couple of rock solid rules, each subsequent rule relying on the rule preceding it.

The answer to the question is:

The panic button you have access to at the time!

It really is that simple!

Panic Buttons are tools.

Because panic buttons are tools (as are firearms and tourniquets) you need to carry them with you (have access to them) always!

It is far better to have a panic button and not need it than need a panic button and not have it!

The 2nd rule – which requires the first rule to be fulfilled is:

The one you are most proficient at using – which in 99% of the time equates to the one that you practice most with. (The same holds true for firearms, tourniquets, fire extinguishers or indeed any other tool).

See this page for a summary on panic buttons.

Resultant from the ubiquitous nature (that is to say nearly everyone has one) of mobile phones and the fact that most of us are already in the habit (dare we say ‘preconditioned’) of carrying our mobile phones with us all of the time it makes sense to have a panic button that works on or through your mobile phone.

Crisis Call is an app-free panic button that uses your mobile phone to link you to multiple responders (typically your family and friends) quickly and reliably.

At Panic Button Systems we focus on bringing you affordable, accessible, easy-to-understand, simple-to-operate services and products designed to improve your safety and wellbeing.

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Our Crisis Call panic button system happens to use world-class technology (accessed via your phone) and we would love you to consider Crisis Call for your needs.

If our Crisis Call panic button system feels right for you then we would LOVE to welcome you as a customer.

Stay safe – and don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions.

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