Woman looking lovingly at her mother. Panic Buttons for the elderly

Panic buttons for the elderly are indispensable in providing you and your elderly relatives an outstanding communications tool which improves safety and affords everyone greater peace of mind.

There are many elderly folk, in great health and of sound mind, who live independently and prefer to continue doing so.

That doesn’t mean that things don’t sometimes go wrong, so being able to call for help from family, friends or neighbours in a crisis is very important.

Not all crises / emergencies are serious or immediately life threatening but left unattended, and unless someone who cares is made aware quickly, they can be.

There are various Panic Buttons for the elderly.

You must chose the right panic button for your circumstances – for help in choosing which is the best panic button for you.

Crisis Call was developed in South Africa using world-class technology allowing you to make direct telephonic contact with your chosen “responders” by dialing a single emergency number.

No third-parties, no control rooms, no missed SMS’s – just the insistent and urgent ringing of all responders telephones!

What sets Crisis Call panic buttons for the elderly apart?

  1. Uses world-class infrastructure.
  2. Benefits from state-of-the-art technology.

Ultimately that’s not what really matters: 😉

  1. The Crisis Call panic button can be set up to work from any phone – landline, mobile or smartphone.
  2. It does not need a complex-to-navigate, difficult-to-access app.
  3. The names and contact numbers “responders” are controlled by you – and can be set up (and edited) in real time from the web customer portal.
  4. You can access, set up or edit your responders from any web-capable device – pc, laptop or mobile phone. Keep your “responders’ details updated from anywhere. At any time.
  5. Set it and forget it! Unless you need to update your responders you need only set them up once – a “set it and forget it” strategy for immediate peace of mind.

Moreover, Crisis Call:

  1. Is affordable (plans start at just ZAR 79.00 / month)
  2. Runs on a month-to-month basis – there are no long term contracts.

How Crisis Call Panic Buttons are used:

Margret from Johannesburg is a 92 year-old Widow who still lives independently.

The Crisis Call emergency number has been programmed into her landline telephone and is accessible from a single push of a dedicated speed dial button.

If Margret feels unwell or unsafe a simple press of the speed dial button will call (we cannot stress this important feature enough!) her four children at the same time.

Margret will be connected to whichever of her children answers first.

All four responders will also be immediately notified by SMS of Margret’s “Crisis Call”. Getting two notifications is better than one, right?

Why do we call AND sms your responders?

A critical / urgent message “could” get lost or drowned out by the constant “binging” that occurs from other apps – Social Media, Email, WhatsApp, SMS which in a time-is-life emergency is a really bad thing.

Even phones that have been placed on vibrate and have their data turned off will still attract attention (admittedly less so) when they vibrate while the phone is ringing.

We are all conditioned to look at our phones often – especially when they “bing” and “bong” but a ringing phone, from a known number, especially one that tells you a loved one is in crisis is very hard (dare we say impossible) to ignore.

Calls are insistent. They are persistent. They convey urgency.

With plans from just ZAR 79.00 / month with no long term contracts Peace of mind can be yours right now!

Simple sign-up, nothing to install, no setup fees and no waiting time.

What are you waiting for? Greater peace of mind is just a couple of clicks away with Crisis Call from Panic Button Systems.

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Stay Safe!

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