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South African Farmers in particular are the victims of the most horrendous and viscous criminal attacks – too often leading to torture or even death.

Attacks on South African Farmers appear genocidal in their frequency and visciousness.

Our farmers are typically hard-working, innovative, close-knit and resourceful.

We hope our Crisis Call panic button can, in some way, help them improve their crisis communications and add another layer of resilience to their security protocols.

Are Panic Buttons for Farmers necessary?

We certainly believe so!

There is a correlation between isolation and the increased risk of torture and death at the hands of criminals.

Isolation implies that criminals have more time. Criminals are less likely to be detected and cries for help or even gunshots are likely to go unnoticed.

The same isolation (distance from neighbours and security initiatives) also applies to those living on plots, agricultural (small) holdings and in semi-rural areas.

Where finances permit farmers are contracting private security companies with extensive resources and capabilities – such as drones outfitted with night-vision or thermal imaging camera and specially trained tracker dogs.

No doubt these interventions help but they are darned expensive!

Not every farmer or community can afford such expensive options and rely instead (and have for some time) on farm-patrols, two-way radio communications and the effort and cooperation of neighbours and the community at large.

We applaud these initiatives while at the same time wishing they weren’t necessary.

It’s tough and risky “just” to keep your family and neighbours safe. And that’s after a long day actually working the farm.

Cellular communications is also patchy in rural areas but thankfully the largo telco operators usually offer service (and in the South African context doing so may even be part of their licensing conditions).

The right panic button bolsters preparedness.

Adding panic button systems capable of one to many communications adds another layer of preparedness.

It should bolster, rather than replace, existing structures unless those existing structures have been proven to be ineffective.

Criminals also get more brazen the more often they commit offence while escaping justice.

Stock and produce theft can quickly turn violent if the criminals are confronted.

Indeed, from this Carte Blanche investigation, criminals have even attacked private security officers.

There can be zero doubt that a criminal willing to attack security officers will not hesitate to confront seemingly more vulnerable citizens.

Farmers are at the fore-front and have long since answered the question: “In a crisis who will I call and what will they do?”

Through Crisis Call Panic Button Systems hopes to help answer the next logical question: “How will you call them and how efficiently can you do so?”

Time matters. Seconds count!

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Panic Button Systems focuses on bringing you affordable, accessible, easy-to-understand, simple-to-operate services and products designed to improve your safety and wellbeing.

Our Crisis Call panic button system happens to use world-class technology and we would love you to consider Crisis Call for your needs.

If our Crisis Call panic button system feels right for you then we would LOVE to welcome you as a customer.

Stay safe – and don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions.

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