I have family in the UK. Just the other day their 3-year old son made a call to their emergency services number (999) using his sisters cellphone. Which would have been fine IF there had been an emergency.

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Mom was mortified as I know she has a lot of faith in the UK’s emergency services – and would never dream of wasting their time and resources. But mistakes happen.

Set aside the mistake for now and let’s look at the upside to this as there are some valuable lessons to be learned.

  1. A 3-year old can be taught to use the phone and call for help.
  2. In this case (as I’m sure in most cases) the UK service was fantastic! Not only did they answer the call lickety-split but they immediately called back to check if everything was OK.
  3. Not every ‘crisis’ requires a call to the emergency services.
  4. Not all services are as efficient or well resourced. *

* I think most emergency services around the world believe they are (or actually are) under-resourced and I’m sure that this is true in many cases – but in some cities and some countries it really is far worse than in others. I tip my hat to all the fine folk working in the emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) and am grateful for the work they do and their dedication to the cause – no matter the circumstances.

So what are the alternatives – how do you, your kids, preppers or the elderly reach out in times of need when:

a) A call to the emergency services is not justified; or

b) In addition to a call to the emergency services; or

c) Where there is no faith in the emergency services or where their resources are very finely stretched.

This is where call-amplification services come in super handy. By providing a single emergency number, which can be stored as a speed dial, does not require the installation or use of an ‘app’ and therefore works on any telephone and which alerts all your preferred ‘responders’ simultaneously – dramatically increasing the likelihood of getting someone you know and trust on the line quickly.

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I know I’m stating the obvious – when a crisis occurs getting hold of the right people quickly is key. Much as we don’t like to admit it things can and do go wrong for all of us from time to time – so the time to prepare is now and not in the middle of the crisis.

Thinking about a crisis is scary and uncomfortable. I get it. But being in denial that it could ever happen to you or your loved ones is even worse. Take the time to plan your strategy in the hope that you never need it but in the comfort that if you do your plan has substance and merely requires you to execute.

I am positive you will feel better for making preparations. Good luck and stay safe!

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It’s tough out there. Stay safe!

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