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Crisis Call is an automated Panic Button Service that allows you to alert multiple people simultaneously in a crisis (times of discomfort, illness, injury or criminal threat).

A single call to the Crisis Call number will automatically call all the family and friends (we call them “responders”) that you configured.

You are always fully in control of who gets called and you can update, add or remove contacts (“responders”) via the customer portal at any time.

This service alerts your preferred list of family and friends – the people that care most about you and won’t let you down in your “hour of need”.

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Let’s take an example:

As a woman driving home your car suffers a break-down. It’s getting dark, you have your kids in the car and you don’t feel comfortable in that particular neighborhood. So you reach for your phone and call your Hubby “Chris”- but he is still in a meeting and his phone is on silent so he misses your call. You try again – same result.

You pause for a while to decide who you should call next… your brother “Steve” who never answers his phone and always just calls you back later, or your best friend “Jenni” – who can always be counted on to take your call?

You phone Jenni, she answers, looks up the number for the local towing service and jumps into her car along with her Hubby “John” to stay with you until the “Crisis” is sorted. All ends well and Hubby “Chris” is mortified that he missed your call – but life happened and it wasn’t intentional.

Lessons from our story:

  1. Not all “Crises” are immediately life-threatening – but they can be awfully uncomfortable and distressing.
  2. At some point a “Crisis” will likely happen to you. As it does for all of us.
  3. Planning for a “Crisis” – and knowing who to call – is a key component of every good survival strategy. Planning must be done before the “Crisis” happens – not during it!
  4. Even if Hubby “Chris” had heard / seen the call how would he have known the urgency of the situation? Given he was in a meeting he might not have excused himself to take the call. The same applies to brother “Steve” – being in the habit of returning calls he might have answered had he known that this was a “distress” call.

The Crisis Call System aims to address these concerns by:

  1. Allowing you to plan ahead and determine who gets called when the need arises.
  2. You dial 1 number (the Crisis Call number) and the system automatically dials everyone on your contact list simultaneously.
  3. The called party (your responders) save the Crisis Call number into their phones – so they can differentiate between a “Crisis Call” and an ordinary call.
  4. The 911 Crisis Call system will announce who the caller is and you will be connected to the first person to answer. This speeds up the process and dramatically increases the chances that your call to be answered quickly no matter the circumstances.

Improved peace of mind – what is it worth to you? See our pricing plans starting from just R 99.00 R 79.00 (during the lockdown) per subscriber per month.

The Crisis Call System works on any phone (fixed line or mobile – and it doesn’t have to be a smart phone.)

The 911 Crisis Call System has many applications and is especially useful for:

  1. Use by the elderly (and their care givers).
  2. Outdoor enthusiasts (runners, cyclists, hikers).
  3. Farmers (or those on agricultural small holdings). Statistics appear to show a correlation between isolation (distance from your neighbours) and an increased risk of violence.
  4. Parents with teenage kids (who are out and about at all hours of the day or night. Anxious parents often don’t want to fall asleep until the kids are home safe for fear of missing a call if something goes wrong. Using call amplification provides tremendous peace of mind)
  5. Preppers… or Boy Scouts.
  6. Complex Security – allows guards to notify members of a Home Owners Association or Body Corporate when time is of the essence.

Subscriptions run month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

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Stay Safe!

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Updated: 17 October 2021