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Panic Button Systems builds affordable, accessible, easy-to-understand, simple-to-operate services and products designed to improve your safety and wellbeing.

Panic Button Systems is here to help address and allay fears as they relate to the safety and security of individuals and communities, now and in the future.


We care about empowering people and communities to live safer lives through the decisions that they make. This means we aim to encourage self-sufficiency while providing services and products for reducing reliance on government and other agencies especially where these have proven to be lacking in integrity and trust, overwhelmed, inefficient and under-resourced.

A story about super-hero’s:

The world is in need of super hero’s, perhaps now more than ever. Think back to your favorite super hero’s when you were a child. Think about how they made you feel!

If you are anything like me they made you feel kinda warm and fuzzy. That somehow everything was right in the world. That there was evil, sure, but that good would triumph over evil.

Super hero’s engendered feelings of hope in times of despair, they showed up in the nick of time to rescue the situation or save the day.

They were the proverbial knights in shining armour ready to save the ‘Damsel in distress’ or to slay the evil dragon.

Sadly the comic book super hero’s are not real. They are beautiful works of the imagination but that doesn’t mean that super hero’s don’t exist!

It just means they don’t have fancy costumes and magical super-powers – except those endowed upon them by technology!

Today’s super hero’s are ‘ordinary’ Jane and Joe’s like you and me and when it comes to our safety (and that of our loved ones and communities) the role of super hero and guardian angel falls squarely on our own shoulders. There won’t be a Superman or Captain America to come to your aid.

Besides, even if there was, there are too few super hero’s of the fictional kind to be everywhere they are needed all at the same time.

This is also true of the Police. Regardless of where you live there is a ratio of police to citizens. Some countries may have a better ratio (more police per 100 000 citizens) but that does not always translate into a safer society.

One would need to take many other factors into account including corruption, the belief in the rule of law, education, poverty, efficacy of the Justice System and so on.

The great news however is that your own journey to becoming your own super hero starts right here!

With the aid of Panic Button Systems and our Crisis Call service you can obtain your own technology-driven super power.

The power to alert people in times of crisis and the power to be there for loved ones in the time of their need.

It’s like having a spidey-sense or Superman-like hearing. When there’s a problem you hear about it. Really fast! That is the key driver behind our Crisis Call service – and you don’t even need an app for it.

We invite you to take a look around as we add a host of useful resources dedicated to your safety and well being.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Stay Safe!

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